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 +====== The project ======
 +The ALPACA Project rose in the end of 2006 to satisfy the need to have mobile devices with software solutions for AAC.
 +The current market technologies exposes a set of expensive devices with little possibilities of personalization. Combining its experiences in software development, educative games, popularization of science (with the ScienzAFumetti Project) Sardiniaweb realized the first prototype in January 2007.
 +In 3 months of tests, the mobile solutions have been improved, refined and personalized on each child according to the feedback of the speech therapists, psychologists and doctors of the Center for Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder of Brotzu Hospital - Cagliari.
 +The showed images are objects, foods, people and actions of the everyday life of the child.
 +Sardiniaweb proposes a complete solution with device, software, "ad-hoc" images and audio.
 +Furthermore, we are glad to evaluate other personalized solution.