Key aspects

The philosophy controlling the software of the ALPACA project is featured by an high level of personalization and simplicity.


Images, texts and audio are adapted to match the needs of each user. He can provide own images and they will be adapted to be used in ALPACA. Texts and audio files are made according to the images and the user language. Furthermore, ALPACA software may be set to show 4 or 9 images for time, to show user image and some other features.

Simplicity: just your finger

The user interfaces are designed to have the most intuitive use and an interaction focused on touch the screen directly with fingers.

Involve more senses

ALPACA software are defined to involve more senses: naturally the sight, the touch to interact with touchscreen, the hearing for the audio message related to the selected image.

Learning and communication result whetted by the combination of contemporary use of more senses.


Examples of possible customization for one visual support.