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 +====== Link ======
 +<a href="http://www.aac-rerc.com/" target="_blank">AAC-RERC</a>: research, development and training on Augmentative and Alternative Communication. [en]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.augcominc.com" target="_blank">Augmentative Communication Inc.</a>: useful resources to solve problems related to communication diseases. [en]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.auxilia.it/full/home/home.asp" target="_blank">Auxilia</a>: company focused on technologies supporting adults and chlidren with communication disease in everyday life. [it]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.benedettadintino.org/" target="_blank">Fondazione Benedetta D'Intino</a>: Onlus helping children and families; it organizes courses and trainings related to alternative communication solution. [it]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.isaacitaly.it/caa.htm" target="_blank">ISAAC Italy</a>: italian section of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC), since January 2002. [it]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.isaac-online.org/en/home.shtml" target="_blank">ISAAC International</a>: International International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  [en]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.iocresco.it" target="_blank">Io Cresco</a>: Numerous graphic resources for autism [it]<p />
 +<a href="http://www.cnapp.it" target="_blank">CNAPP - Cognitive Neurorehabilitative Approach to the Petentiality Process</a> [it][en] <p />