ALPACA Mono v1.0

ALPACA Mono v1.0 is a multimedial communicator that combines images, texts and audio. It runs on mobile devices, such as PDAs, works on one categories of images and it is specifically designed to let “finger” interaction.

To have a better usability, we suggest to have a maximum of ten pages of images, so the maximum number of images is around 40 in the option of 4 images for page and 90 in the 9 images for page.

The solution is available with the following options:

  • 4 or 9 images per page
  • play wav file having the sentence
  • uppercased texts
  • language
  • show the section with the child image, the action image and their related texts

 multi - 4 images multi - 9 images

 image with bar image - no bar

Technical requirement of ALPACA Mono

  • Operating system: Windows Mobile 5 or 6 © Microsoft Corp.
  • Java Virtual Machine: IBM J9
  • Wav audio player: Windows Media Player © Microsoft
  • Libraries: Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)

Hardware requirements:

  • Program memory: minimum 10 Mbyte
  • Storage memory: 15 Mbyte
  • + 12 Kbyte for image
  • + 60 Kbyte for audio sentence “object”
  • or 110 Kbyte for audio sentence “subject-verb-object”.
  • Speaker
  • Touchscreen